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The students make good abuse of any moments ahead of and after the brand to ask questions, before thank professor Ana Azevedo for her e-mail before advice.

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Body concerned with the quality of its professors, Técnico got the word pasado to students, and, all the rage a reversal of the typical evaluation model, the students evaluate the professors through the Quality Assurance System of the Belief and Learning Process QUC. Desta feita, os alumni convidados foram cinco engenheiros que o tempo, at the same time as competências adquiridas e o gosto pela mudança tornaram em gestores de topo: Uma das particularidades restante apreciadas pelas empresas é a versatilidade. The actual of this program is to bring together companies that value the benefits that derive from approaching the talent and the involvement in multiple opportunities for collaboration between the School and the Ballet company and ranging across recruitment, training, innovation, social accountability and strategic alignment. The fact that they are innovating and betting on a national brand fills them with pride. Focada, procura um propósito em tudo o que faz.

February 2019

He would not choose a more solid career all the rage a company. Hoje em dia, é na Hovione que se sente realizada, desempenhando o cargo de Director of Organizational Advance. I grow with them, and the feeling so as to I, in some approach, can influence something all the rage their lives is actual gratifying, says professor Ana Azevedo. It was the first Portuguese company en route for enter the YCombi- P — 27 nator accelerator and has been all the talk in the field of machine translation. He also feels fulfilled when he can captivate students and arouse their interest. Lembra-se do primo dia como se fosse hoje: The institution has managed to demonstrate its excellence by being the highest-ranking Portuguese school. At the moment he believes this was already his engineering attitude revealing itself.

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