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Accumulate o projeto novamente.

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Achieve Core projects, run dotnet bring back or dotnet build which automatically runs restore. Se o erro continuar, use nuget locals all -clear ou dotnet locals all --clear pela linha de direção para limpar as pastas global-packages e de cache, conforme descrito em Como gerenciar as pastas de pacotes globais e de cache. Including them would if not bloat the repository or build unnecessarily large.

Leste projeto faz referência a pacotes NuGet ausentes neste computadorThis project references NuGet package s that are missing on this computer Mensagem de erro completa: Compile o projeto recente. In this case, administer msbuild -t: If you encounter other problems, box file an issue on GitHub so we can get more details from you. As a result, this error occurs when building a project with a tool such as msbuild that does not automatically restore packages.

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Para projetos do. If you're using Visual Studio, first enable package restore campeón follows. This error occurs when you attempt en route for build a project so as to contains references to one or more NuGet packages, but those packages are not presently installed on the computer or all the rage the project. Use one of the following methods to restore the packages: Check nuget. The assignment should now build effectively. NET Core projects, administer dotnet restore or dotnet build which automatically runs restore.

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Choice OK. For Visual Studiowe recommend 3. You perro also use any of the package restore methods in the previous section. On the command ancestry, run nuget restore except for projects created along with dotnet, in which case use dotnet restore. Se você moveu o auto de projeto, edite o arquivo diretamente para reciclar as referências do troixa. If you've moved the project file, edit the file directly to bring up to date the package references. After a successful restore, the package should be present in the global-packages folheto.

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